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About us?

It’s not about us is it?

Really it is about you. More than that, Ethicalism is about making a difference and doing our bit to promote wonderful cruelty free products.

Ethicalism was founded after we realised how difficult it was to easily buy products which have not been tested on animals and it was on that ethos that we decided to create a one stop shop for cruelty free beauty, skincare & household products via launched July 2016.

In many parts of the world, animals are still suffering and dying to test cosmetics such as lipstick and shampoo. They have chemicals forced down their throats and dripped into their eyes and onto their shaved skin. It’s the ugly secret of the beauty industry and one which we hope will one day end.

The Humane Society International estimates that approximately 100,000 - 200,000 animals suffer and die just for cosmetics every year.

Thankfully there is a fantastic range of cruelty free products now. Best of all the ingredients are also more likely to be low-toxic and earth-friendly with many of our products being organic and vegan to boot.

We are passionate about doing our bit as we believe cruelty free is better for people, better for the planet and better for the soul.

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Thank you for supporting our cause, to only supply ethically made products and protect those who can't speak for themselves.


With a love for animals at heart we created Ethicalism with a view to giving people an ethical alternative and, we hope, reduce and eliminate the demand for animal tested products.


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